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The Sports Disputes Solutions Ireland held an informative Education Seminar on the 4th May 2022. Presentations were made by three guest speakers on various aspects of resolving sports disputes.

Susan Ahern Barrister, SDSI Arbitrator and Mediator Gave a Presentation of SDSI Case studies

Helen Kilroy, Partner McCann FitzGerald Discussed Rules and Emotions of Sport arbitration – Never the twain shall meet!

Aidan Healy , Legal Director, DAC Beachcroft Dublin Focused on Disciplinary Processes and Procedures – What to consider in any Review

You may view their contributions here:

  1. SDSI Case Studies: https://vimeo.com/719927375
  2. Rules and Emotions of Sport: https://vimeo.com/719921439
  3. Processes and Procedures: https://vimeo.com/719919342